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RCJM #2 - Organising Customer Journeys
With +170 registrations (and some really nice feedback) we are thrilled to announce Webinar 2/5. This time we'll take a more practical approach to 'Redefining Customer Journey Management' by diving into 'Organising Customer Journeys'. As always, we do this with experts in the field who will shine a light on how they do it.

Jons Janssens - Former CIO Ace&Tate
Niels Corsten - CX and Service Design Lead VodafoneZiggo
(bio's below)

We'll dive into the science of a good journey framework, learn why technology is the rails you put under journeys, and not the other way around and will discuss the role of Service Design in effective journey management.


Wednesday 27 January, 2021
16:00 - 17:00 (CET)
Hosted by Harald Lamberts and Jochem van der Veer


In this new webinar series by TheyDo & Essense, we put companies in the spotlight that have adopted customer-centric changes to enable collaboration and innovation, even while remote.


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Jons Janssens
Former CIO @Ace & Tate
As former CIO of Ace & Tate he helped transform the company into an omnichannel experience. His ‘trademark’: provide customers with the freedom of how, where and when to shop. We’ll hear from Jons how he used technology to provide the rails to the customer journey (and not the other way around).
Niels Corsten
CX & Service Design Lead @VodafoneZiggo
Niels is leading CX and Service Design at VodafoneZiggo. With a wide-ranging experience in both fields (he even co-developed the Service Design Maturity Model) Niels brings a fresh perspective on creating a lasting customer journey framework.